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Registration is very important.


Space is limited to 80 people. First come, first served.


If you register, please attend.


If you cannot attend, please do not register.

If you register and have to cancel, please strike your name from this list.


We'll need your contact information to provide you with the most up-to-date information.


To register, add your name and contact information below. Once you've added your information, all you'll have to do is check in at the door! We'll assume you're coming and will plan accordingly!


Remember to include your email. After you click the blue "Edit Page" button above, you can add your email address by:


  • linking (use the point-and-click editor by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner if it's easier) -or-
  • listing directly using the "johnsmith (at) gmail (dot) com" format to avoid spam spiders.


This allows us to keep you updated with all the details about the event by email (no spam, we promise). Also check the PodCamp Ottawa website for the most up to date information by clicking here.


If you have to cancel, please use the strikethrough feature noted by ABC in the format bar in the edit mode (instead of actually deleting your name) so that we can see that your status has changed.


Be sure to check out our guiding principles so that you are prepared for the day.


1. Mark Blevis- markblevis (at) gmail (dot) com - Canadian Podcast Buffet, Just One More Book, Electric Sky

2. Andrea Ross - justonemorebook (at) gmail (dot) com - Just One More Book, Swimming in Literary Soup

3. Bob Goyetche - bobgoyetche (at) gmail (dot) com - Canadian Podcast Buffet, CatFish Show, Bob and AJ, Mostly Tunes

4. Maurizio Ortolani- mortolan (at) nac-cna (dot) ca - NAC Podcasts

5. Susan Murphy - murphy.sue (at) gmail (dot) com - GeekGrls on hold for now. Working on a new concept for a podcast. 

6. Francis Wooby - francis (at) wooby (dot) ca - Independent communications practitioner and podcast enthusiast

7. Simon Chen - chen (at) ramius (dot) net - Working on my first show! :)  Regrets all - I won't be back from Toronto until later on Sunday. Have a terrific camp!

8. Kelly Rusk - kelly (at) web2dotwhat (dot) com - podcast listener only : )

9. Joe Boughner - joe (at) joeboughner (dot) ca - Bah. Will instead be setting up for work-related conference. I hope someone can give a good recap!

10. Patrick Lajeunesse - patlaj (at) gmail -unfortunately bailing... family things.

11. Mark Stephenson - mark.b.stephenson (at) gmail

12. Natasha D'Souza - Virtual EyeSee

13. Dominique Echeverri - High school teacher in Communications technology

14. Darcy Whyte - darcy (at) siteware (dot) com

15. Mike Kujawski - mike (at) mikekujawski (dot) ca - Social Media Strategist - Public Sector Marketing 2.0

16. Chamika Ailapperuma - chamikak (at) gmail

17. Chulaka Ailapperuma - chulaka (dot) ailapperuma (at) gmail

18. Dwight Dunlop - dedogster (at)gmail(dot)com - Much To Do About Nothing  Stuck at work this weekend, have fun!

19. Mark Bell - markabell (at) gmail (dot) com - Editor, MONITOR magazine

20. W Thomas Leroux - wtleroux a-t gmail period com 

21. Phil Labonte - The Fake Pixel Design Studios

22. Kristina Mausser - kristina (at) digitalword (dot) ca

23. Jeff Parks - jeff (dot) parks (at) iaconsultants (dot) ca

24. Robin Browne - consciousimages (at) gmail (dot) com

25. Chris Neil - chris (at) prospectics (dot) com http://twitter.com/Chris_Neil change of plans

26. Mitchell McKenna - mitchellmckenna (at) gmail (dot) com http://twitter.com/mitchellmckenna

27. Nik Craik - crai0124 (at) algonquincollege (dot) com

28. Chris MacDonald - cwmacdon (at) gmail (dot) com

29. Charles Hodgson - podictionary the podcast for word lovers

30. Hugh McGuire - LibriVox

31. sam cook - music and arts blog

32. Rayanne Langdon - rayanne (at) freshbooks (dot) com - FreshBooks // Twitter

33. Jonathan Migneault - jonathan (dot) migneault (at) gmail (dot) com http://twitter.com/jmigneault

34. Kathryn Boland - kathrynboland (at) gmail (dot) com/ dna13// Twitter

35. Ryan Saxby Hill - ryansaxby (at) gmail (dot) com, twitter.com/saxby

36. Marnie Richardson - NAC New Media - mrichard (at) nac-cna (dot) ca

37. Sylvain Grand'Maison - Le Qu├ębec en Baladodiffusion - Fono

38. Jennifer Covert - NAC eMarketing - jcovert (at) nac-cna (dot) ca (I have to leave at 1:45)

39. (Tentative) Alexandre Lemieux - Fortrel.Net - fortrel (at) gmail (dot) com - http://twitter.com/fortrel

40. Julien Smith

41. Anya Volgina - anyavolgina (at) gmail (dot) com - Structured Moments

42. Robert Janelle - bob janelle (at) gmail (dot) com

43. Katheryne Legault - legaultk - at - gmail - dot - com








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