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PodCamp Ottawa 2007

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Thank you very much to the following organizations for helping to make PodCamp Ottawa 2007 happen


NAC New Media... for providing the Panorama Room of the National Arts Centre as the venue for PodCamp Ottawa, and for donating a Behringer Ultravoice Digital VX2496 audio processor as a giveaway at the event.


Thornley Fallis... for loaning their LCD projector for Bob Goyetche's demo of Audacity.






The only session that is planned to use a projector is demo of how to produce audio using the open source, multi-platform (PC, Mac, Linux) tool, Audacity. That session will be delivered at 3:00pm by Bob Goyetche (see schedule below).



Conversation 1

Conversation 2

9:45am - 10:00am


10:00am - 10:45am

WordPress and others

& the hole in

full service hosting

Charles Hodgson


11:00am - 11:45am

... continued ...


11:45am - 1:00pm


bring money so we can split some pizzas

1:00pm - 1:45pm

PodCasting 101
Robin Browne


2:00pm - 2:45pm

... continued ...   n/a

3:00pm - 3:45pm

Workshop: Audacity

Bob Goyetche


3:45pm - 4:00pm

Wrap-up and giveaway draw

to qualify for the draw you must be present

and have donated $10 to the Snowsuit Fund





1. Mark Blevis- markblevis (at) gmail (dot) com - Canadian Podcast Buffet, Just One More Book, Electric Sky

2. Andrea Ross - justonemorebook (at) gmail (dot) com - Just One More Book, Swimming in Literary Soup

3. Bob Goyetche - bobgoyetche (at) gmail (dot) com - Canadian Podcast Buffet, CatFish Show, Bob and AJ, Mostly Tunes

4. Jeff Parks - jefferyparks (at) gmail (dot) com - I.A. Consultants >> I.A. Podcast

5. Susan Murphy - sue (at) jestercreative (dot) com - Jester Creative Inc.

6. Charles Hodgson - charles-mail (at) podictionary (dot) com - podictionary, navelgazerdictionary

7. Francis Wooby - CANCELLED

8. Michelle Sullivan - ms (à) michellesullivan (point) com - Michelle Sullivan Communications

9. Maurizio Ortolani- mortolan (at) nac-cna (dot) ca - NAC Podcasts

10. Tommy Vallier - tommy (at) tommyvallier (dot) com - TalkShoe

11. W. Thomas Leroux - wtleroux (at) gmail (dot) com - Speaking of Ottawa

12. Alexandre Lemieux - fortrel(at)fortrel(dot)net - Fortrel.Net

13. Nathalie Fortin - fortin.nathalie(at)gmail(dot)com - Fortrel.Net

14. Andre Lamontagne - pal2000 (at) rogers (dot) com

15. David Bailey - david (at) davidbaileymbe (dot) com

16. Chamika Ailapperuma - chamikak (at) gmail (dot) com

17. Chulaka Ailapperuma - chulaka.ailapperuma (at) gmail (dot) com

18. Marnie Richardson - mrichard (at) nac-cna (dot) ca

19. Natasha D'Souza - ndsouza@dmail.com (after lunch)

20. Katherine Matthews - kmatthews (at) golden (dot) net

21. Rob Lee - robert (dot) lee (at) gto (dot) net

22. Robin Browne - consciousimages (at) gmail (dot) com - ngo2point0

23. Michael Cullen - CANCELLED due to a wicked cold!

24. Carolyn Tateishi - CANCELLED

25. Mike Kujawski - Public Sector Marketin 2.0 - mike (at) mikekujawski (dot) ca - Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing CANCELLED -sorry guys, I can't make it after all! good luck!

26. Grace Tian - cancelled



Someone won audio production gear


NAC New Media donated one of their retired pieces of audio production gear -- a Behringer Ultravoice Digital VX2496 audio processor -- as a giveaway for PodCamp Ottawa.  The lucky winner was Susan Murphy.





Mark Blevis

Andrea Ross

Bob Goyetche

Maurizio Ortolani

Jeff Parks



General Discussion


If you want to see a quick look how the day went, including Maurizio's tour of the NAC podcast studio, check out the video onmy blog .


Bob Goyetche


Hey all,

Great that a 101 session is taking shape at Podcamp T.O.. There was talk at PAB2007 that next year perhaps wouldn't be a need for 101 sessions but I counter that the more successful we are about spreading the bug the more newbies there will be in need of 101....


And that bring me to one thing I noticed at podcamp Ottawa - and all the social media events I've attended: the relative lack of brown faces, especially those speaking with other than a standard anglo accent....I'd be curious to hear folks' thoughts on why this is and how to change it. (I am assuming that folks share my view that changing this would be a good thing for everyone) And, well, being one of those few brown faces,  I thought I might start things off by talking about why I think I am late to the social media game and what finally brought me in...

My first event was the NewComm Forum in Vegas in March 2007 which I found out about while listening to Albert Maruggi's Marketing Edge podcast which I had stumbled upon. And one of the reasons NewComm caught my attention was that Shel Holtz was doing a podcasting workshop and I had seen Shel present a government communicators's confernece in 2005(?). So I kind of stumbled into it... So one thing I see is that if those of us already in the space want to be leaders in diversifying it we have to get out there and actively invite other folks to join by showing how it can help them build their communities. I volunteer with African-Canadian youth who aren't into this at all - but they will be if I have anything to do with it....


Podcamp Reverberations






That's fantastic!  Just a few more people throwing in and, to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie from Alice's Restaurant, they'll think it's a movement. ;)


Glad to hear you'll be at Podcamp Toronto.





That sounds like a discussion I'd like to be involved in.  Count me in.



Thanks again to everyone who was there -- especially to the organizers, whose hard work was rewarded with an enthusiastic and engaged group of podcampers.



Mark, Bob, et al -- would you mind if Katherine and I borrowed from your "Guiding Principles" in putting together a session for Podcamp Toronto in February?  What we're thinking of proposing is a circle group format -- unplugged and "a conversation not a presentation".


What we want to facilitate will be, in part, a continuation of the "Podcasting 101" discussion that Robin kicked off at Podcamp Ottawa.


In order for it to work well, it will need a mix of newbies and experienced podcasters -- and as we found in Ottawa, the experienced people can get something out of participating too (who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks).


I've already had a positive response to the idea from Scarborough Dude who's willing to lend a hand (and a word or two), so if we can round up a few more experienced podcasters who will be attending Podcamp Toronto (hmm, let's see... isn't Bob's name on the registration list for Toronto? :D ) to help with "wrangling" the newbies and their questions it will mean enough variety in experiences and opinions about "what to do, how to do it and why you would want to do it -- or not" (er, that was a mouthful) to keep the conversation lively.


And once again thanks to everyone -- we had a great time!


Rob (robert DOT lee AT gto DOT net) and Katherine (kmatthews AT golden DOT net)

www.purldiving.com -- Katherine's knitting-but-not-really-about-knitting podcast



Even More Post-Podification


I found the whole day thoroughly worthwhile. Thanks to Mark et al for organising and maybe just as importantly for EVERYONE who was there. I felt very much welcomed and learned a lot. Looking forward to meeting you ALL again. Stay safe




david at davidbaileymbe dot com




More Post-Podcamp Patter

A great day, I'm really glad to have attended and met everyone. The conversation was intriguing and the fact that everyone particpated in such a dynamic way was terrific. Very worthwhile. I like the idea of the breakout space as well. As I am pretty comfortable on the technical side, I'd be interested in more discussions about content and delivery. Dividing into groups based on interest might be a good twist for the next one. One other suggestion, as the snacks that were so generously provided were greatly appreciated by everyone, why not add a sign up page to the Wiki so people can bring snacks and goodies for the group, in sort of a potluck fashion i.e. people sign up to bring a 12 pack of soda, case of water, box of cookies, some fruit, etc. Then there would be a supply of snacks for all throughout the day.


Sue Murphy


sue at jestercreative dot com


I second that thanks from Charles to the guys. Meeting face-to-face is very important to community building and podcamps like this one show that such meetings can be done informally and be very valuable. One thing I'd like to suggest if possible is a break out space that does have wifi where newbie folks can bring their gear to get some good old fashion over-the-shoulder tech help from more experienced folks. Face-to-face tech support is also invaluable!!


Robin Browne

http://ngo2point0.com (yes, some blatant self-promotion)

post-podcamp patter

Thanks Bob, Jeff, Mark and Maurizio (in alphabetical order and hoping not  to have missed any of the  organ-dizers).  It was good to meet some new podcast people and reconnect with some others.  A worthwhile  session and I was glad to be there.  Sorry I had to dash off  without saying proper goodbyes. 


The two ideas that I think arose with the most value from the session were the idea of a basic how to for new podcasters (but it's worth doing a market scan to be sure that's not reinventing the wheel) and talking with Marnie in a breakout about actor blogs such as the one for the Penelopiad carrying on as a value to both theatre and the actor/blogger. 


As to the podcamp itself I liked the intimacy of the small group and freedom of discussion. 


Thanks again guys! 

Charles Hodgson


pre-podcamp patter

Q. Has PodCamp Ottawa replaced the Ottawa Podcast and New Media Group's November 22nd meeting?


A. Yes, it has.  Note that the Ottawa Podcast and New Media Meetup Group will not be having a December meeting.  Our next meeting will be in January.


Comment : (while on my knees with gratitude) Oh thank God!!  I'm a techno-null desperately trying my hand at launching a limited edition podcast and I've been drowning in incomprehension for a couple of months now.  This PodCamp couldn't be better timed.  Since I'm more a hands-on learner than a read-tons-of-posts-on-how-to-podcast type learner, I'm hoping for some generous souls and demos to reassure me that podcasting is as easy as everyone at Podcamp Kingston Podcasters Across Borders told me it would be :)  See you on the 22nd 25th, with bells on! Hopefully by then I'll have worked through Audacity and started to wrap my head around Libsyn ... Cheers! (Michelle Sullivan)


Response: It will be great to see you, again, Michelle.  Let's make sure your goals are achieved. (Mark Blevis)



Q. I don't live in Ottawa.  Can I attend?


A. Absolutely.  While the event is taking place in Ottawa and is intended to help the local community, out-of-towners are more than welcome to be a part of PodCamp Ottawa.


 Q.  Where can I find other sources of information from the day?


A.  There were several themes discussed at Pod Camp Ottawa.  The discussion focused on technology and programming issues with WordPress, RSS, amongst others.  The following is a list of resources for those new to Podcasting.  I would encourage anyone to list other resources here as well. This will help to structure a basic / intermediate / advanced level of topics for those who will be using the Wiki as a resource for Podcasting in the future.


  1. A review of hardware for Podcasting and a review on Audacity with Kevin Rose from digg.com http://revision3.com/systm/podcasting
  2. What is RSS? Here is an overview http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/rss/rss.html  A commented version of what you'll need for your own Podcast will be provided shortly.
  3. RSS Validator http://feedvalidator.org/ Once you have your RSS feed in place, you can ensure it is valid by simply copying and pasting the location on your server into the text box on this site.
  4. Podcast Recorders - The Zoom H2 is what Mark and Jeff had at Pod Camp Ottawa.  You can purchase this at Steve's Music here in Ottawa.  Specs on the H2 can be found here: http://www.samsontech.com/products/productpage.cfm?prodID=1916
  5. add others...

I just wanted to add to the rss explanations. I find

this RSS- explantion video

is very effective (we use it when conducting social media workshops). Cheers, -Mike Kujawski (

Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing


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